Committed family dentist in Troy, IL

After practicing family dentistry in Arizona for seven years, Dr. Moody decided that something was missing from the soul of his mission to provide exceptional dental healthcare. He decided that the correct move would be to open up a practice in the hometown that had raised him and given him so much, Edwardsville, IL. Fast forward to today, Edwardsville Family Dentist is a thriving dental practice that occupies a beloved spot in the community. In an effort to give back to that community, Dr. Moody has designed and personally participated in many outreach programs to help raise awareness about preventative dental healthcare. The result is ever more healthy, smiling faces that are not at all afraid of their family dentist.
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The three C’s

Dr. Moody’s dental office holds the “three C’s” at the very core of its values. Those C’s stand for: Commitment, Compassion, and Community. Commitment means making sure that everyone in his hometown not only has access to excellent dental care, but the knowledge to practice good dental health habits on their own. Compassion means understanding the root problems of the anxiety that prevents people from seeking treatment, while providing gentle treatment. Community means building awareness together in fun ways that keeps an open dialogue about safeguarding our health, so that we may live long, happy lives smiling with the ones we love!


In addition to the Find Your Smile Here (FYSH) school for children, Dr. Moody is bringing awareness of oral health practices to public schools. His program “Keep calm, brush on,” includes a 30-minute presentation on the importance of preventative dental health care, free toothbrush and toothpaste for every student, and a question and answer session with the doctor himself. According to Dr. Moody, “Making oral health care fun, relevant, and exciting for children is what this program is about.” Establishing the dentist as a friend and guide rather than as a scary man in a lab coat in the minds of southern Illinois’ youth is crucial to building a lifetime of good oral care habits.

Putting the family in “family dentist”

Dr. Moody is proud to share responsibility of running his firm with many members of his family. His wife, Elizabeth runs the front office, while his parents Rana and David, look after the nursery upstairs and see to landscaping and maintenance, respectively. Together, they have created a warm and welcoming atmosphere that makes patients feel at ease in the dentist’s office. His homelike, redbrick practice is situated in downtown Edwardsville so as to be easily accessible to his patients, and seamlessly blends a comfortable atmosphere with state-of-the-art equipment. This is truly a dentist’s office created with patients foremost in mind.